Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Farewell to PGW - Hello Transition Vendor

I am probably the least qualified to say this, but Goodbye, Publishers Group West! Today, 2/28/2007, is the last day in the life of this venerable company. After 30+ years of excellence in the book industry, it seems to be slipping from sight with nary a whimper.

Tomorrow, approximately 2/3 of PGW's (former) clients will start their new relationships, with Perseus, er, eh 'Transition Vendor'. For the moment most (former) PGW employees will work for 'Transition Vendor', so for many tomorrow will be business as usual, just that the load will be a little lighter.

So, what about the other 1/3 of PGW's (former) clients? Well, that is a very good question. Most are scrambling to find new distribution arrangements, having eschewed those offered by Perseus. Most are also scrambling to figure out how they are going to get their books out of PGW's (former) Indy warehouse in the next 15 days. None will know the exact status of backorders, returns, or inventory until they clear out the warehouse. And even then, questions will remain.

We here at QSI are trying to help them by hosting their bibliographic data for the next couple of months, to help ease the transition to whoever the new distributor will be.

Maybe, everyone is so busy that they don't even notice. But I noticed, and I think you should too.


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