Monday, March 26, 2007

Too Many Book Publishing Conferences?

I just need to ask the question: are there too many conferences in our fair industry?

It seems that there was an opportunity every week so far this year to attend some type of conference on the state of our industry. I've attended at least 6 or 8 so far this year. But, that is the nature of my job - I need to be where my customers, and potential customers are. So, in a way, its a blessing, and in another, it's a curse.

Some have been very interesting and highly topical. Others have lacked. Most have included someone from a high tech company, and others have just gotten down to brass tacks.

And, the calendar seems rife with more to come. The London Book Fair, BISG's Making Information Pay, and the BEA seem like hits on everyone's list. Then there is the Canadian Book Expo, and the AAUP Annual Meeting for me. Then fortunately, everyone acknowledges that the summer is not a good time or conferences, and we get a break until September.

We live in a competitive, yet collegial environment. And, conferences at their best, inspire and teach us about ways we can improve our business. At worst, they often suck up an entire day or days that could otherwise be devoted to taking care of the issues at hand.

Does anyone have any comments?


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Quality Solutions provide a Virtual Conference or "unconference" ? Sure would save us time and expidite emerging information in publishing.

Fran Toolan said...

hmmmm.. I wonder who wrote that!

i guess i better get back to blogging!

unik said...

yes its true.many conferences are being held regarding publishing .they suck our entire day as u said but to some extent they are informative.