Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Kindle Ships!

After my rants over the weekend, it looks like the machines are moving again.

I got a phone call tonight from Denise of the Quality Solutions team, who reported that the Kindle has been delivered to her home.

Unfortunately, I'm travelling on business this week, so I won't see it until Monday, but I'm very excited to finally get my hands on it!

Its not a hoax after all.


slerch666 said...

Since you have a Kindle, if you're looking for free content, as in Public Domain pre-1923, check out the Gutenberg Project.


You can download the TXT files and have them converted and sent to your Kindle wirelessly or you can do it for free.

For wireless delivery, send an email with the file(s) attached to "the name of your kindle@kindle.com.

If you want to save $.10 a file, send an email instead to "name of your kindle@free.kindle.com." In a few minutes you will receive an email with all of the files you attached converted to Kindle editions. Plug the Kindle into your PC/Mac, open the drive letter it creates for the Kindle and drop them into the Books folder on the Kindle. They show up on your content page and you're free to read... for FREE.

There are some literary masterpieces available for no cost. And it's all legit.

And it turns out these are the same books that Amazon is selling for $.99 in some cases, and other entrepreneurs have decided to package as "eBooks" and sell for $5+ each.

Anonymous said...
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